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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Righteous Thief

The Righteous Thief/ The Descendants of Hong Gil-dong
/ 홍길동의 후예/ Hongkildongui Huye ** (Korean)
Movie 117 mins
Lee Si-Young as Song Hyeon-Hwa
Good fun. I liked how well-organized the family was... calmly talking of plans, practice, complaining over the lack of meat, and little brother begging to be let in on it all, at the dinner table. Favorite scene(s): overwhelming smooches and the last-ditch rescue of big brother.

Mom is making supper, dad is giving a lecture, big bro is playing piano for his music class and younger bro has a test. Once the sun goes down, the little family breaks out the dark clothing and makes plans for a visit to a wealthy villa, the proceeds of which then go to the city's poor, in an age-old legacy. One day, the music teacher's intended is kidnapped and he decides to break it off with her.. for everyone's safety. The girl's brother also has crises when the warrant he needed is flat-out denied and his thoughts of a grand collar falls through.

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