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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

She was Pretty

She was Pretty/ 그녀는 예뻤다/ Geunyeoneun Yeppeottda/ She Was Beautiful/ Puzzled Lovers **\ (Korean)
16 episodes
Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin / Jackson
Fun-loving drama pretty much clear through.. even if the cheek make-up was just a little too fake. Still, it seemed to fit her face well. She was pretty either way. favorite character(s): Shin Hyuk/Ten, for his goofy sense of humor, even if it was a little much at times, and Ha Ri, the hotelier and roommate, who was as easily independent as she was dependent.

A plucky 'average' looking girl, rooming with her best friend, receives news from an old crush, that he would like to meet with her. after he passes her by, not having recognizing her changed self, she gets her roomy to pose as her, and the roomy falls for the man. Soon after a long awaited job comes through and she's on the ground floor shuffling papers when her old flame enters the room as her new boss, she tries to escape notice, but a nosy fun-loving co-worker, who is more then he seems, gets in the way, making subtle.. and then not so subtle moves to get her attention.

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