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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ghost-seeing Detective, Cheo Yong

Ghost-seeing Detective, Cheo Yong (**) Korean

2 seasons 10 episodes each

Good series. loved the mystery with the supernatural tones. especially enjoyed the fun moments of the teen ghost... and her efforts to be of help to the cops and thier efforts to solve crimes. (I didn't care much for the subs I encountered during the 2nd season. The sub-par attempts made it virtually impossible to understand.) Light comedic moments no real romance. Favorite scene(s): the ghost possesses a drunken team member, hoping for a long sought taste of beer, only to discover a more imperative need for the restroom.

A police detective has been able to see ghosts since he was young. He meets a teenage ghost haunting the station who was killed by a possessed.He, his team and his new partner attempt to solve some difficult cases with help from their teen-aged helper from the here-after.

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