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Friday, July 20, 2012

Hooray for Love

Hooray for Love/ Long Live Love/ 애정만만세/ Aejungmanmanse ** (Korean)
57 episodes
Kim Yoo Bin as Nam Da Reum

A tangled web of a deceitful romance that was several episodes too long. It did have some fun moments.. enough to keep my interest for some time. There is a tragic death.. for those wanting the forewarning. Fav scene(s): An accidental meeting... several times, A lawyer's determination to keep his love by his side, and a child's innocent vow to make a better life for herself, her father, and the new school chef.

First there was her father's affair. Then, it was a trick vacation to Guam for the girls. After which, the disaster unfolded for the father's daughter. She quickly acted to prevent the fake divorce from becoming a reality, hiring a playboy lawyer to fight for her. The divorce is a messy one which even threatens her livelyhood when the lovely little porridge shop they had together, was lost to the ex. Then, mom reunites with her ex, she falls for the lawyer, and the tangled threads tighten around the families involved.

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