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One * = Didn't like it, Don't recommend. Two ** = Typical. Worth seeing at least once. Three *** = I enjoyed it! Worth seeing more then once.
Four **** = It's great! Add it to your all-time favorites list! Five ***** = Epic! Highly Recommended. A totally memorable drama/film.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surprise Party

Surprise Party/ 서프라이즈/ Seopeuraijeu ** (Korean)
Movie 98 mins
Shin Ha-Kyun as 'fake' Kim Jeong-Woo
On the eve of a surprise party for a girl's boyfriend, her father refuses her to have anymore to do with the guy. so, she begs her friend to buy her time to convince her father, by keeping the arriving boyfriend distracted. The bffriend, grudgingly agrees and dashes to the airport. using what sketchy info she has been given, she locates her target and strives to keep him occupied for the day with some crazy antics.

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