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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Haeundae Lovers

Haeundae Lovers/ 해운대 연인들/ Hae-woon-dae Yeon-in-deul **\ (Korean)
16 episodes
Kim Hye Eun as Yook Tam Hee
Even though she wasn't the best character in the story in my mind, I did find the fire-sass temper of Tam Hee of the Yang family(married in) quite interesting to hear for her colorful accent which came out strongest at those times.

A Prosecutor, undercover in search for damaging evidence on a gang family, moves into a seaside fishery under an assumed name. He meets there the daughter of the once 'boss' of the ex-white sands gang. The little family is doing their best to survive and hopefully make enough to wrest control of the Haeundae hotel away from the Yang family... who had taken it from them in the first place.
After a near drowning accident leaves him with no memory of his past occupation edge, the little family takes him in and he falls in love with So Ra, eventually 'fake' marrying her to save face after she was taken for quite a bit of money by her scamming boyfriend.

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