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Monday, September 17, 2012

Secret Investigation Record

Secret Investigation Record/ Joseon X-Files: Secret Book/ 기찰비록/ Gichalbirok (Korean)
12 episodes
Im Jung Eun as Heo Yoon Yi
Kim Ji Hoon as Kim Hyung Do
Not really a romance even though there was the occasional 'hidden' glance from Yoon Yi... so this drama remains unrated in this review. It was quite a bit like a historical version of x-files I liked the mystery concept, such as UFO's, appearing in ancient accounts. The ending was rather confusing though, causing more questions then answers in my mind, There are, of course, tragic events in this drama. Fav Character: the scrambling, jittery, chicken, and yet forgiven sidekick.

A noble sees an unexplained happening one day over the ocean, as he and several others attempted to poison a man who claimed ufo's existed. In turn, after giving his report to the emperor, he is severely punished for spinning tales in a plot. An inspector, known for his straight-laced ways, attempts to discover the truth behind the stories and discovers a vacated town and a royal attempt to cover it up. He is then given no choice but to create a reasonable explanation for the fire in the sky many saw. Then he is set on a new mission working in secret with a small team to learn more about the strange happenings in the area.

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