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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Children.../Ahyideul.../ 아이들... (Korean)
Movie 132mins
Don't let them fool ya. This Korean film is nowhere close to being in a fantasy romance genre. No real favorite scenes or characters for this one. Just really felt for the children and parents... And a fair bit of understanding for the frustration of the local law as well. Horrible tragedy involved.

5 Young children are out for a day of doing what kids love best.. playing. While they are at it, the township is having an election so it is a bit of time before anyone -really- notices the children have not returned from the nearby mountain. From there it turns to panic, then desperation, then bitter tears as days slowly turn into months then years. Then along comes a prize-winning producer hoping to get back on top of his game with a new sensational story. Along with a conspiratorially-minded professor, The two work up quite a furor in town.

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