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Thursday, June 13, 2013

High School debut

High School debut/ 高校デビュー/ Koko Debut **\ (Japanese)
Movie 98mins
Junpei Mizobata as You Komiyama
Ito Ono as Haruna Nagashima
Sweet and silly movie. I liked the brand of humor in this one. Not the crazed over-the-top stuff that passes for funny like many Japanese shows seem to show, but a simple clumsy and slap-at-the-forehead humour for being a bit behind in 'normal' life, mixed with some easy mind-reading laughs. Favorite character(s): I liked them all really, well.. except perhaps, for the freakish dog/person statue in front of the school. It was quite the character though.

A girl, having spent most of her previous school years embroiled in baseball, makes the decision, at last, to concentrate on getting a boyfriend before Christmas. If efforts to gain control of her woahfully out of date wardrobe and dating skills, she begs a more popular guy to help her out. He reluctantly agrees, with the condition that she not fall for him.

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