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Friday, September 4, 2015

Just You

Just You/ 就是要你愛上我 (就是要你爱上我)/ Chiu Shih Yao Ni Ai Shang Wo ** (Taiwanese)
21 episodes
Aaron Yan as Qi Yi
A rather fun, if typical, romcom. I liked most of the character personalities, even though I found Liang Liang's loud voice rather piercing at times and I didn't care much for Qi Yi's gravity-defying pompadour hairstyle either, It looked unrealistically long, especially when compared to his natural banged look. Favorite character(s): Dean, for being such an amazingly tenacious support.

A disagreeable boss and a rather goofy girl employee have a bit of a run-in when Qi Yi buys the house Liang Liang is living in and she refuses to leave until her pre-paid rent is up. After he announces a no-office romance order to the plushie-loving work crew, The plucky pink elephant is given the task to see him retract it again. Can she do it without getting caught by him first? The stinky lion hunt has thus begun!

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