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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Midnights Girl

Midnight's Girl/ Girl of 0 A.M./ 0μ‹œμ˜κ·Έλ…€/ 0 Shieuigeunyuh **\ (Korean)
8 episodes

Seo Min Ji as Min Se Ra
Nam Tae Hyun as Gong Ji Dan
Cute, short, and very sweet romance tale with an incorporeal touch of magic.

After being rejected in a singing audition a couple of times, Ji Dan lost a little of what he was dreaming of, having to make up for the fail, he takes a part-time job in a dilapidated old karaoke shop that is said to be haunted. There, after the midnight hour, he meets a girl co-worker with a love of magic, and a quiet smile.

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