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Monday, April 2, 2012

Vampire Cop Ricky

Vampire Cop Ricky/ 흡혈형사 나도열/ Heubhyeol hyeongsa na do-yeol ** (Korean)
movie 110mins
Oh Gwang-Rok as Vampire Hunter
A rather ..suggestive scene in this movie.. but well within context, I suppose. Had funny moments as well. fav scene(s): falling off the ceiling.

Dracula gets bitten by a mosquito, the little bug then get a free airplane ride to south Korea, where it came into contact with a dirty cop called Ricky, who ended its carrier life. After his partner/friend winds up in the hospital though, Ricky resolves to find evidence against the man who had 'employed' him. Unfortunately, He gets caught by the bad guys and dropped off the edge of a roof. Fortunately though, his new friend, a vampire hunter, saved his new-found undead life. Rising once more with the evening light, Ricky is off to put the smackdown on the badguys with supernatural talent at his disposal.

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