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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Romantic President

The Romantic President/ Piano Playing President/ 피아노 치는 대통령/ Piano Chineun Daetongryeong ** (Korean)
Movie 95 mins
Ahn Sung-Kee as President Min-Wook
Choi Ji-Woo as Eun-Joo
The video I watched of this movie seemed a bit disjointed.. not sure if it was the fault of the vid, or of the movie itself... but all in all, it was a sweet tale. The actor behind the president character has what has to be the -longest- list of movie involvement I have ever seen.
Fav scene(s): A tucked away moment, mischievously hiding from the guard.

A new teacher, peeved by the rebel reaction of one of her students, calls her father in for a talk, and discovers it is none other then the president. nevertheless, she demands he take on the student's punishment, writing a poem 100 times in Chinese characters.

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