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Friday, June 29, 2012

Frivolous Wife

Frivolous Wife/ The Taming of the Shrew/ Frivolous Wife/ 날나리 종부전/ Nallari Jongbujeon ** (S.Korean)
Movie 110 min
Park Jin-Woo as Jeong-doo Lee
Amusing story of the only daughter of a mob boss, seducing the eldest grandson of a traditional family. She gets pregs and has to run for her hubby-to-be's family. At first her father is determined to retrieve her and have her marry someone else 'more worthy'.. because, as it turns out, he put everything he had under her name. But then he gets to know the family a bit better. She also has it rather rough at first, learning how to be the eldest granddaughter, then proves to be an asset in asking her father to help them concerning land issues. When things get too rough for her dad and another gang, he also seeks refuge with this large traditional family and they act to protect him and themselves against the coming assault.

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