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One * = Didn't like it, Don't recommend. Two ** = Typical. Worth seeing at least once. Three *** = I enjoyed it! Worth seeing more then once.
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Star no Koi

Star no Koi/ Star Struck/ Love with a Super Star/ スタアの恋/ Sutaa no Koi ** (Japanese)
11 episodes
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Nakata Sosuke
Fujiwara Norika as Kirishima Hikaruko
A romance-comedic take on a British film. The two main characters in this drama just kept missing each-others cues and prompts. The only true drawback that I found to this drama, was the constant repeat of the theme 'song's first couple of chorus lines. I dunno it got seriously old really fast to me. fav scene(s): The star's sudden arrival at the commoner's home for a week's stay.

A 'common' worker in a ham company, meets and falls in with a famous actress, when she seizes the moment in an attempt to spur the guy she liked. He's disappointed by the use, but plays along for a time until the situation falls apart and the truth is revealed. From that point onward, they were brought together several times but each time seemed to result in another fail to realize their true feelings for one another. Would the two ever find the moment to confess before the distance became too great?

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