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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Ghost of a Chance

A Ghost of a Chance/ Once in a Blue Moon/ ステキな金縛り/ Suteki na Kanashibari (Japanese)
Movie 142 mins
Eri Fukatsu as Emi Hosho
Comedy and no romance. Somehow this film manages not to get totally bogged down in sad depression, perhaps due to its time restrictions. There is tragedy involved, but nearly completely glossed over when emi uses her boss's death as a means to deliver a note to the 'ever after' for her. I just didn't get how that would work. fav character(s): Emi's Boss, the tap-dancing candy feind, and the many times great grandson.

A somewhat failing lawyer is on her last chance to live up to her famous father's name. The case is unusual though. A wife died and the husband, claiming innocence, insists he had a alibi. He claims he was in the mountains, at an old hotel there. But the only one who can prove the alibi is the ghost who sat on top of him that whole night long. But the lawyer is determined, so she goes to the inn and stays the night in the room of the ringing ear to meet the wandering ghost. Emi then asks him to go to court in defense of the innocent husband.

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