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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Atsui Kuuki

Atsui Kuuki/ 熱い空気/ Hot Air *\(Japanese)
1 episode
The boy's Grandmother
Reminds me vaguely of Mary Poppins, although certainly not for any magical overtones. This housekeeper's reasons for doing and being, was a bit more serious and personal, then were Mary's. Didn't mean a whole lot to me one way or another. a little boring, a little romantic, a little mystery, a little sadness. All in all, I guess it was ok... I guess.

Girl with an unbearably sad past, disguises her natural beauty, and takes on a job as a housekeeper for a high society family on the brink of collapse. She tries both to support the family as well as to expose their problems to the light of awareness. The father is having an affair, the wife might be as well. The oldest son is smoking, the youngest is 'Trouble' in the making... and somehow she quietly moves through the whole thing... even if it's having to weasel past or suddenly snarling her way through their objections and suspicions.

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