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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Codename: Jackal

Codename: Jackal/ Jackals Are Coming/ 자칼이 온다 (Korean)
Movie 107 mins
Song Ji-Hyo as Killer Bong
There were a few.. umm.. rather suggestive scenes, yet I hesitate (a lot) to call it a romance. There were a number of rather ludicrous moments though so I'll just call it a comedy and let you rate for yourselves. Favorite scene(s): checking to see if he is her correct target or not, and.. rescue from a rescue.

A famed singer is abducted by a hired assassin in his own hotel room. When she would have killed him, as was her threat, the situation cascades into one thing and then another, First, the guy isn't about to willingly keel-over and swears he isn't her target, the police have arrived 'undercover' and are trying to find an infamous killer called the Jackal.. who has been said to be in the area, it seems the singer is being hunted by a crazed fan, and his manager shows up in a rather untimely fashion, as well as the wealthy married woman he was to seduce.. or was it that she was suppose to seduce him?

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