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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cheongdamdong Alice

Cheongdamdong Alice/ 청담동 앨리스/ Cheongdamdong Aelliseu ** (Korean)
16 episodes
Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong
Good comedic start and quickly gritting down into drama/romance. I Thought the 'innocent rich guy' was so fun-loving.. right up until he was forced out of the fun. Thought the girl was far too serious, the whole way through, even as I understood her anger. And for the matchmaker, the trophy wife, and the guy's father.. they get best growth of the drama, for their changing attitudes and eventual acceptance. Favorite scene: The soy sauce incident.

The guy, having gone through touchy mental issues, wants desperately to believe in the dream of love he never received from his folks. The girl, angry and weary of being poor and wanting desperately to believe in the dream of a better life, runs into an old school rival who tells her the secret to her success in rising out of the mire to become a trophy wife. The girl is determined to do the same.. and meeting the guy, she seizes opportunity and makes him her new white rabbit, leading into the land of the rich. (because the original rabbit, a matchmaker, quickly saw through the ruse and dropped out of the running). Unfortunately, a secret video drops into the hands of the originally intended (arranged) bride of the guy, who, angry at the thought of having gold diggers getting in the way of her and her family's future, shares it around.

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