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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade/ Celestial General, Heroic Army/ Tiān Jiāng Xióng Shī/ 天将雄狮/ 天將雄獅
/ Tin¹ Zeong³ Hung⁴ Si¹ (Chinese/English)
127 minutes

Huo An, a Hun, is a commander of the protection squad. Their aim is to keep the silk road a peaceful coexistence in the midst of a whole lot of warring tribes. One day, he and those under him are accused of smuggling gold and are put to work reconstructing the wild geese gate. When a roman army, lead by Lucius, fleeing along with a sickly young royal, arrives at the gate. Hou An takes him on in a sword battle, only to have the winner be a fierce sandstorm from behind. After giving them shelter, food and help for the boy, Hou An asks his new friends for a hand in rebuilding the gate in the short time left. they accomplish this in exchange for a hopeful escort of messengers to the Parthian Empire, to tell of the ploys of the scheming older brother, Tiberius. Hou An heads off to find additional help but with a betrayal at hand, He finds himself a prisoner of Tiberius instead. One risky jailbreak later, He finds Lucius in a terminal state and the great roman legion of Tiberious cutting off their escape.

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