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Monday, May 25, 2015

Falling for Innocence

Falling for Innocence/ 순정에 반하다/ Soonjunge Banhada/ Fall in Love with Soon-Jung **\ (Koran)
16 episodes
Interesting drama. I really liked the near mystical quality given to Min-ho's personality changes upon gaining the detective's donated heart. And I loved the Father's words to this changed guy... Almost as if he were mentally adopting him as his 2nd son.. being thankful that his son was, in some effect, living on through him. Favorite character(s): Detective Ma's father and Wendy.

One evening, something horrible happened to Soon-jung's intended and her life was changed. Not only by that happening, but by the arrival of a cut-throat take-over artist at her work place, who just happened to be the nephew of the current president. Min-ho was quite determined to gain control of the company before his failing heart was due to end his life.
Only, as fortune would have it, he was given a new lease and personality in life in the form of a working heart and he fell helplessly head over heals in love with his heart's true desire. It was just the beginning of the upheaval though as the already guilty party was again spurred to action to not only tear Min-ho and Soon-jung apart, but to bring the whole company to its knees in angry destruction.

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