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Friday, May 29, 2015

Prime Minister and I

Prime Minister and Me/ Prime Minister & I/ 총리와 나/ Chongriwa Na **\ (Korean)
17 episodes

Im Yoon Ah as Nam Da Jung
Yoon Shi Yoon as Kang In Ho
I think this drama has given the adorably sexy Yoon Shi Yoon another swooning fan. The storyline was alright even though at one point or another everyone in the story seemed afflicted with either a horrible sense of self-sacrifice or an interruptus bull-headedness, even a bit beyond the usual "every-drama-gotta-haves". Favorite character(s): The 'buddy' reporter for finding a worthy place for a drugged drink, The kids, for being totally convincing kids.. with all the angst, snottish sniping, tears, giggles and puppy-love included, and the clear-eyed Chief of Staff who, in spite of his promised plans, discovers a compassionate truth with good timing.

A determined reporter for a scandal paper, Da Jung, accidentally makes a scandal for herself and the new prime minister, Kwon Yul, when her pestering gains his ire and hidden scoop of pictures from another reporter. in order to have the prime-minister's rep at a crucial moment, has their connection together sealed. When her sick father states his fondest wish to hold Da Jung's hand in a bride's walk, they sign a contract and a wedding is performed.. with two of Kwon Yul's three children looking on with animosity. Soon after, its discovered there is a spy in the camp. A spy that could just as easily see an end to the careful relationship struggling to exist between the man and his new wife as it could crumble his governmental status to dust.

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