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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Night Watchman

The Night Watchman/ Night Watchman's Journal/ Records of a Night Watchman/ Diary of a Night Watchman/ 야경꾼 일지/ Yakyungkkoon Ilji ** (S.Korean)
24 episodes

Wonderful story! ..right up until about the 17th episode, when the good guys somehow became incredulously dim and for a time there, I totally lost connection with the tale and began to howl in frustration at the unbelievability. Particularly the female shaman, who seemed to walk brainlessly into the enemy's hands, not once, but more then three times! This in spite of having been told beforehand that the powerful snake priest was wanting to use her for his plans. I also didn't understand, Knowing this bad guy was super bad and powerful, and Knowing they -had- to have more people to help, did they try repeatedly, to go against him with but a single person? Even givin their tendency for self sacrifice, this was the equiv of throwing their lives away for the achievement of nothing what-so-ever. The child who played Rang Yi did a wonderful performance. Favorite scene(s): the introduction of the grown prince, enjoying his time with a ghostly guarded prostitute.

The good king, in efforts to right the wrongs committed by several vengeful ghosts, obtained a special flower at the cost of his sanity and eventual death of much of the royal family and court. The dowager and prime minister lift up the second of the two princes for king, in spite of knowing full well that only the one being ousted from the palace could be the rightful king. Years later, the prince, now grown, is enjoying a life of purposeful ignorance when the dreaded snake priest shows up and worms his way into the palace with intent to re-raise a dragon to smite those who stood in his path. The prince is brought to the 'reality' of the situation and revives the legendary night watchmen to help battle the corrupted spirits plaguing the palace and thwart the priest's evil schemes.

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