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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Master's Sun

Master's Sun/ The Sun of My Master/ The Sun of the Lord/ 주군의 태양/ Joogoonui Taeyang ** (S.Korean)
17 episodes

Choi Jung Woo as Secretary Kim
Fun drama. Nice to see the character announce the passage of time in context instead of the usual '3/5/2/4/1 years later' plastered across the screen. Good to mix up the routine a little bit once in awhile. I do kind of wish there was just a little bit more info on some of the characters, particularly on some of the ghosts,. and just what kind of accident Gong Shil was involved in.. and whether or not this also somehow involved Yoo Jin Woo.. or was he just 'a somebody' with his own random accident? Tragedy is naturally involved. Favorite character(s): the coffee-loving ghost Joon Suk and the two little boys whose too-busy mother gave them a needed and concerned hug.

A girl is involved in an accident and wakes years later with an ability to see and hear ghosts. Being afraid of these constant and abrupt appearances in her life, she eventually develops insomnia. One wet evening she is picked up for a quick (and rather unwanted by him) ride by a Hotel CEO who, when she touches him, makes the ghosts temporarily dissipate. Viewing this as something of a miracle, she works really tenaciously to stay within reach of her perceived lifeline. Half believing in her words of having seen a ghost from his past, he agrees to be her anchor, hoping to learn the truth to the events of his past kidnapping which left him unable to read and eventually led to the estrangement of his father.

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