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Friday, April 26, 2013


Doremifasolasido/ Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do/ 도레미파솔라시도 *\ (Korean)
movie 105 mins
Cha Ye-Ryun as Yoon Jung-Won
A Romance of sorts. I wasn't terribly interested in the storyline, really. Found it fairly boring and a bit depressing. It was nice to see JGS again, looked good in the haircut, I thought. Fav character(s): Eun-Kyu for his sweet smile on an otherwise dreary day.

Girl and her brother meet their new rooftop vista neighbors as they are horsing around, trying to stay out of the way of their martial instructing father. As bro goes off in search of a cat, the girl gets a bit better acquainted with the guitar-playing Eun-Kyu. When he intro's her to the band he plays with, she is forced to let go of him out of guilt for the misfortunes of one of the member's she has a past with.

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