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Friday, April 5, 2013

Time Slip Dr. Jin

Jin/ 仁 (Japanese)
11 episodes - season 1
11 episodes - season 2

Ayase Haruka as
Tachibana Saki
Osawa Takao as Minakata Jin
Time Slip Dr. Jin/ 닥터 진/ Dak-teo Jin/ Dr. Jin ** (Korean)
22 episodes

Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi

A medical time story, semi-romance based on Japanese manga story. The Korean version could have been a little less gross about the operations, I thought, without effecting the solidity of the storyline. Well I survived and hung on through the blood,guts,n gore clear to the end and, all in all, it wasn't that bad of a drama. Favorite character(s): the death defying brother.

A neurosurgeon removes a fetus from a mystery patient's brain, only to fall off a building and find himself many years in an alternate past. There, he meets and gets entangled in deadly political intrigue, as a relative of royalty covets the throne for his son, and the removal of an old ruling clan. The poor doc is in a race against time and the age, all while trying hard to keep the girl who looks exactly like his sick girlfriend, safe, keep history on its correct course as well as to follow his doctor's instincts to save life for those in need, no matter their rank or what side they might be on..

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