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Monday, April 22, 2013

Incarnation of Money

Incarnation of Money/ Money Incarnation/ Money Demons/ The Embodiment of Money/ Money Incarnate/ 돈의 화신 / Donui Hwashin **\ (Korean)
24 episodes
Park Ji Bin as Kang Suk
A bit of comic relief, a bit of romance, all wrapped up in a heavily vengeful plan. Favorite character(s): the funny underling and secretary of Lee Cha Don and the loan shark 'gentleman' mother.
Favorite scene(s): messing with the cell-pal's food and.. spiriting away the money from before the oblivious faces of the watchful enemy.

A father who doted on his son, snarled at his wife, and kept a famous actress mistress, is set up for a fatal last day by two legal types, the mistress, and a reporter. Then, after framing the mother and trying to run over the boy, they take the inheritance and sell the property. Several years later, the amnesiac boy has grown under the patronage of a loan shark's money into a fine prosecutor. He attempts to free a suffering woman from a sanatorium and gains confidence and cash as an extortion artist. He suffers near complete loss for it when he comes up bad-side of the killer group. Discovering a possible way to gain ownership of a lot of money that was dug up from the ground, he goes under-cover to get back into contact with the woman he had tried to free. Under deplorable conditions he finds her and is shown a picture of his own youthful face with that of his mother, and his long dead father. From this point onward, he is determined to expose the ruthless murderers for the atrocities they had committed on his family.

"Up & Down"
by Exid
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