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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Lavender/ 薰衣草 (Fan yi cho) ** (Hong Kong)
Movie 111 mins
Takeshi Kaneshiro as Angel
Kelly Chen as Athena
A rather melancholy story, still it managed to end well for the girl. Fav scene(s): Facing the bull.

A girl, having lost her precious love to death, lives the life of a numb ghost.. just going through the rote of continued existence.. until one evening when an angel crashes onto her balcony. As there isn't a choice, she lets him stay until his wing is healed. Since he 'feeds' on love, and she doesn't give any, he meets the neighbor and through him, he gets a job at a strip joint, where love is given in plenty. Still, he resolves to try helping her before he has to leave.

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