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One * = Didn't like it, Don't recommend. Two ** = Typical. Worth seeing at least once. Three *** = I enjoyed it! Worth seeing more then once.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Project Makeover

Project Makeover/ Go Go Sister/ Eonni-ga ganda ** (Korean)
Movie 112 mins
Lee Beom-Soo as Oh Tae-Hoon
Good idea for a plot, seems somehow a little bittersweet though. I was a little surprised that even while she was concentrating on her own issues/wishes, she gave no consideration to what astronomical changes she could possibly be doing to others' futures. fav scene(s): an eye-opener peck.

A young woman, still agonizing over the crash and burn of her first relationship, receives an opportunity to go back in time in an attempt to make her dreams come true. By pretending to be a relative in order to be close to her younger self, she maneuvers situations in efforts to help direct her down a different path.

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