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Friday, May 25, 2012

The King 2 Hearts +

The King 2 Hearts/ 더킹 투하츠 *** (Korean)
20 episodes
Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin
Good guys were great in their perseverance and the bad guys were awesome in their connections. There is some really sad tragedy involved.. Bong Goo, as a "Freakingly Scary Bad-guy" rather made me think of Batman's Joker, with his malicious tricks, traps, and giggles. I really felt for the guardsman, he had been given such a sorry deal, and yet, kept firm in his loyalty and care he felt throughout. Fav scene(s): Acupuncture panty thief, a royal 'oops' realization. and "I ..guess I'd better go into hiding now."

South Korea, in a modern monarchy, the King attempts to talk little his brother, first, into joining a Olympics training with north Korea, then, to marry the female north Korean soldier he met in that training. This all in a method to unify both countries in a peaceful manner. The young prince though, thought to reject the idea, even knowing he'd get scolded. Then a new rival, intent on revenge for a perceived slight shows up, and the younger prince suddenly finds himself in something of a hot-seat, as his older brother's dream threatens to unravel, tossing the whole of the two countries into conflict.

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