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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince/ 옥탑방 왕세자/ Oktabbang Wangseja/ Attic Prince *** (Korean)
20 episodes

Han Ji Min as Park Ha/Bu Yong
A Wonderful Romance-Comedy story, full of intrigue and mishaps. Has a tragedy and several very near tragedies, but still worth the watch. Fav scene(s): sketching a postcard butterfly, beaned with a fruit, and total amazement by 4 guys out-of-place and time.

A Prince, living in ancient time period, awakens very early one morning to find his princess face-down in the palace pond. He quickly gathers 3 others with specialties that would help him make some sense of the death. Then they discover they are being pursued by assassins, so flee on horseback, jumping over a ravine as the moon goes into eclipse. they are awoken sitting in the living room in the rooftop house of Park Ha in modern day.. 300 years in their own future.

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