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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Healer/ 힐러/ Hilleo ***\ (Korean)
20 episodes
Kim Mi Kyung as Detective Jo
Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho
Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin
Ji Chang-Wook as "Healer"
The story was involved and interesting from the start clear to the very end. The comedy is light and in context. The romance is beautiful and slightly clumsy. Even the acting and music were spot-on. A truly well put-together drama that not many review descriptions have managed to live up to imo. Tragedy should be expected. Favorite character(s): The Hacker behind the Healer and patience/love itself in the form of an adopter dad.

The story got underway with the formation of a group of budding journalists running illegal broadcasts concerning a subject of well hidden length. They truly had no idea how big the iceberg was when they first took a chip,.. or just how far the hidden enemy was willing to go to keep those chips hidden.
There is a rather famed reporter, still rather bitter/guilty for staying quiet for so long concerning that past time and looking for a child many years grown by now. He utilizes a night errand man to help him. The infamous Healer, who is the best in his business, discovers the sought-after girl, with a bit of help from his boss and master hacker, Ajumma Jo. and there is this woman, a famed reporter wanna-be who chases after a bag thief, only to eventually be caught by her own heart.
This mutual love could prove to be a rather dangerous one though, as the enemy is a large wasp nest of manipulation and string-pulling and seeks their weaknesses to either pull them down completely or change their allegiances to something a bit more favorable.

"Eternal Love"
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