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Friday, August 14, 2015

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips/ Male Instruction Manual/ 남자 사용설명서/ Namja Sayongseolmyungseo ** (Korean)
movie 116 mins
Oh Jung-Se as Lee Seung-Jae
Lee Si-Young as Choi Bo-Na
A little on the campy/cheesy side and a little too quick for me to really get to know the characters in the story. I really enjoyed the a case of the giggles I got from the antics the video guy went through to instruct, seemingly talking through the TV to show his disappointment that she had not listened to him.

A downtrodden assistant director, weary of being ignored and passed-over comes across a booth on the beach selling unusual instructional videos. She winds up buying a set on the vapid thought it might help her get over the male/female stumbling blocks preventing her from obtaining her dreams. One drunk morning-after, she realizes her blunder of having slept with the primary actor that her agency uses, and after a chiding from the video, tries to get on with things as if it were nothing more then a one-night's stand. The actor though, just doesn't quite see it that way and finds a way to barge into her place to accidentally stumble across the tapes.

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