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One * = Didn't like it, Don't recommend. Two ** = Typical. Worth seeing at least once. Three *** = I enjoyed it! Worth seeing more then once.
Four **** = It's great! Add it to your all-time favorites list! Five ***** = Epic! Highly Recommended. A totally memorable drama/film.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Time Spiral

Time Spiral/ タイムスパイラル ** (Japanese)
8 episodes
Kuroki Meisa as Aizawa Natsuki
University student, Natsuki, still suffered panic attacks from a 'mistaken identity' kidnapping in her youth. Even as she attempted to let go of her reliance on her best friend, Kentaro, He had thoughts of making more of their relationship. Then one day, the school had a new teacher, and strange and rather inexplicable things began to happen to Natsuki. Prof. Tatsumi, it seems, has been desperately hopping back and forth in time looking for a perfect ideal that would keep someone very close to him alive in the future he knows.

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