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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nine Tailed Fox

Nine Tailed Fox/ Forbidden Love/ Fox with Nine Tails: Fox with Nine Tails/ Gumiho/ 구미호 외전 (九미호 外傳)/ Gumiho Wehjun ** (Korean)
16 episodes
Park Joon-Suk as Rang
It could have been better. It was interesting in that even their secrets had secrets. But it felt like the foxes as, a folklore concept in modern day, were being treated a bit too much like the classic vampire.. even to the point of poofing into dust at a mortal strike. Tragic ending. Favorite character(s): Rang the foxy yo-yo master for his role as a mostly sweet and rather caring support warrior.

A young girl at her best friend's/first love's birthday party gives and receives and gives a locket gift just before pandemonium breaks out resulting in the the death of all adults there. she is then taken and raised as a warrior with a small group of Gumiho's, feeding off corpse's liver for survival. But the head of the group has a plan which might just result in a great change for the foxes in their relationship with the humans.. as well as much blood to be shed on all sides as the plan comes to fruition.

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