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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love/The Discovery of Affection/Choegoui Sarang/Best Love *** (Korean)
16 episodes

Lee Seung Ki as himself
Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin
A fun fun comedy romance... with the lead actor (playing a confident and tenacious actor with heart issues) with most of the lol moments. There are also several notable cameos in this drama. Fav scene(s): the girl, sneaking about in the actor's home fresh from a bottled water run, loses her cell phone in the dark... and gets locked in, with the actor just upstairs.

Ae Jung, an ex-band member, struggles to keep above murky water in the entertainment business by working on variety shows. She gets onto a show called couple making.. with one of her old band-mates.. who's set on further dragging her rep through the mud by getting her eliminated in the first show. Fortunately, she has gained the hearts of both Dokko Jin, a big name actor, and Pil Joo, the 'perfect man' contestant... and both are working 'in their own ways', to prevent her from being hurt.

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