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Monday, March 5, 2012

Secret Garden

Secret Garden/ 시크릿 가든/ **** (Korean)
20 episodes

Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won

This comedy/romance hits a 4 star with me as best of the best I have so far seen.
I laughed along with the silly fumbling antics of a staunch man helpless in the bonds of love before he even truly understood what hit him (or kicked him in the shin for that matter). I cried with all the tension this caused, the concern for the people around them and the complication of the magical changes of rainfall. I gasped and snarled at the 'bad' people in the story who couldn't seem to see just what they were doing to the people they cared so much for... and probably never would. and I sighed in sadness and yet, with a nod of acceptance, for the last scenes. It wasn't a fairytale ending after all... (like alice in wonderland or... the little mermaid) and yet, it was satisfying that the results were well done... even for the young 'producer' whose heart's direction was fairly one-sided.. and yet, caring was still received.. and given.
Favorite scene: a dancing kiss and a warm confession, thanks in part to the girl's fairy godmother...erm fairy godbrother (temp duty).

The CEO 'president' of a large hotel meets and instantly falls for a stunt-woman, whose visage haunts him into clinging to her determinedly in spite of her many rebuffs. His mom is seriously unhappy about all of this and swears to put a stop to her son's relationship with such a low matter the cost.
Then one day, while in a contest bike race to the finish line, he loses her to a wrong turn. They reconnect near a shabby diner in the woods, and when they ask why the woman there made homemade brew, she said only that 'it's to save my daughter', before giving the girl two bottles to take home.
When the girl tries to give one to the Ceo's famous singer cousin, whom she admires.. The CEO intercepts it. By drinking the stuff that evening, the two find themselves having swapped bodies by morning's light. This causes quite a bit of confusion between them and a fair number of quizzical looks from others as they try to cope with one another's job and duties... along with a deeper forgotten secret.. at least until the next big rain.

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