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Saturday, March 10, 2012

That Fool

That Fool/ The Accidental Couple/ While I Was Looking/ That Dummy/ 그바보/Just Watching **\ (Korean)
16 episodes
Baek Sung Hyun as Han Sang Chul
Goofy stumblefooted comedy and sweet romance with a bit of strife from the bad-guys to get emotional favor for the good-guys and lots of trading of teams so you never quite knew which were the schemers and which were just 'caught up' in the trouble caused by the schemers.
fav scene(s): Young brother and the postman caught snoozing on the living room floor after a bit of a (reluctant on the postman's part) 'tough-love' wrestling match...which spoke more of the young brother's care and acceptance of his new brother-in-law.. then it did of his dissatisfaction or hellfire desire for revenge on the congressman.

A postman, fresh from a fan meeting of a female model/actor he admired, is a witness to a car accident said star was involved with, while trying to escape a determined reporter. a quick agreement is made, and the postman takes the place of the girl's lover, a well known congressman, for reporters to see. For compensation, the postman only asks for several autographs, to give to his fellow employees at the post office.. but they don't believe him.. until the lady shows up at his work place to give him help in return.
When damaging rumors begin spreading about her 'secret' relationship with the congressman, whose father was seeking the mayor's office in an upcoming election, she again turns to the postman, and he agrees to enter a 6 month contract marriage with her, hoping the congressman will then be free to wed the woman who loves him. His father, though, has another plan entirely and has several pieces in play to ensure the plan's future success.. none of which include the lady in his son's life.

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