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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ice Girl

Ice Girl/ She Came Back/ 그녀가 돌아왔다/ Geu-nyeo-ga Dol-ah-wat-da/ She Returned/ She Is Back / Love Lost In Time ** (Korean)
16 episodes
Kim Hyo Jin as Kim So Ryung
Kim Nam Jin as Jung Min Jae
A worthy concept/storyline. A little disappointed in the loss of a pivotal episode wherever I attempted to watch it. Fav scene(s): When father and son began to actually get along. Be warned, there are 2 tragic deaths in this drama.

Daughter of a scientist, has a heart problem and suffers a stroke the day before her wedding. Her father, puts her into an experimental cryogenics pod in hopes for a time when he is able to save her life. 25 years later, father convinces a head surgeon friend, to help, and she is revived, but the poor girl is bereft of her memories. then her father dies in car accident and is unable to hide her away. her old fiance, though, is there and is given charge of her safety and secret. Unfortunately, for him, she falls in mutual love with his son, there is a scientist wanting to reopen the ice protect and has hired people to follow them and has managed to recruit the son's ex-gf to take the responsibility... who just happens to be the head surgeon's granddaughter... and then there's the issues of her old fiance's ex-wife and young daughter.. and a movie to be finished... all before her time runs out.

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