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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sophie's Revenge

Sophie's Revenge/ Fei Chang Wan Mei ** (Chinese)
Ziyi Zhang as Sophie
Kinda cute. looved Sophie's sheep costume! Didn't care much for the mask though. The rival's causing her to break a leg was a little too over the top, I thought. Still, having the levelheadedness, even in the face of her own relationship issues, to tell Sophie about Gordon's seriousness, did something toward an apology of sorts.

Sophie, a cartoon artist, plots revenge on her recent ex-boyfriend, in an effort to regain his interest as well as to publish the effort in a new comic series. At a party, she runs into Gordon, who seems just unhappy with the new pairing as she is herself, so she partners with him to implement her revenge plan. But her partner has a secret.

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