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Thursday, March 8, 2012

City Hunter +

City Hunter/ 시티헌터/ Sitihunteo *** (Korean)
20 episodes

Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung/
John Lee/Poo Chai
Based off a Japanese Manga by the same name. Lots of action, a little romance, and a slight chuckle or two. Kind of tasted just a little, of Iris' general storyline.. of a life with forced 'destiny'.. well, at least it had a slightly better ending. Really rather felt for both the city hunter and the prosecutor. One for having to tow the line of his surrogate father's plan of revenge. the other for having to always being one step behind the hunter. Kim Young Joo shares the 'saddest death' prize with Iris.

After a military incident involving a secret operation, 21 deaths and a long survivor, a woman's baby was stolen and a youth raised on a drug plantation in military fashion, in a single-minded plan for revenge. A handsome man with little good to say of anyone, joins the communications crew at the blue house and meets a new financially struggling, yet upbeat, bodyguard and a determined daddy-long-legs.. Then a stately steely-eyed gent shows up and the ugly form of corruption rears as the vengeance 'game' ensues. Who will get the last shot?

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