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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Calling Love

Calling Love/ 麻雀愛上鳳凰/ Ma Que Ai Shang Feng Huang/ Just Give Me A Call ** (Taiwanese)
27 episodes

Hong Xiao Ling as Tiffany
Should have been like a single episode longer. Seriously. at first watching, I was a bit flustered with the ending of this one... but now that I have had a bit of time to let it filter.. it wasn't all that bad really. It kinda went from romance to a touch of the supernatural.
Other then the abrupt stop at the end, I liked this romance. it had a few funny scenes as well,... like when Tiffany set herself up for a massive pile of housework. Lol! It also had several recurring referencing going on.. like the artificial blooms the guy had in his house.
Warning: a sad death and a horrible hit-n-run is involved in this drama so, prepare thyself if you are not that into the tragedy feel, like me.

A runaway bride picks up a head-bopping cell phone to speak with a mysterious guy, 'Steven', and at his urging, she quickly goes undercover as a hotel maid in efforts to locate a kidnapped star. Sometime after, the girl takes on a job working for an arrogant wealthy young man in crisis management.. who is also the secret boyfriend of the star she had helped to save.

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