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Friday, March 9, 2012


The Grand Chef/Gourmet/Trencherman **\ (Korean)
24 episodes
Le Grand Chef
Movie 113 mins
Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle
Movie 119 mins
Jeong Jin as Ja-Woon

Based on a Manga called Le Grand Chef, Gourmet is a drama take on the movie version by that same name. Fun comedic moments and the spice of a growing romance added to the topic of yummy food and tradition makes this drama a good watch. I enjoyed the food prep and challenges the characters faced to make it. In particular, I loved the playful banter between Sung-Chan and Jin-Su and the silly interactions and laughter between several of the elders. a couple of tragically sad deaths involved. Fav scene(s): the jar-keeper's worry and the old coot's tantrum.

Two brother's of a famous restaurant owner are given a cook-off challenge in order to win a historical chef's knife, as well as the deed n title as the next president of the restaurant. Plans goes awry with ambition and greed and not only does it cause a showdown, but ends with the younger of the two giving up and running off in frustration. It's only the start of the problems though, as it's discovered that the younger adopted son is the direct descendant of the royal chef that started it all and is the rightful owner of the place. And stuffed in the middle of it all, is an aspiring reporter looking for a scoop.

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