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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Call of the Country

Call of the Country/ Secret Agent Miss Oh/ My Country Calls/ 국가가 부른다/ Gukgaga Bureunda ** (Korean)
16 episodes

Hyun Woo as Agent Na Joon Min
An enjoyable light-hearted romantic comedy. I loved Ha Na's expressions the most, from drunken belligerence to dismay/surprise as a situation was totally misunderstood. The ending wrapped the whole thing up really nicely for all of the involved characters.

Ha Na wasn't a very good cop nor was she good with piano, or singing or, apparently, at proposing and her mother wasn't very good at saving money either. Both of these factors conspired to bring her and Go Jin Hyuk together. After a suspension for interfering with another investigation, She joins the NIA on temp to help nab a drug ring leader. After this, they hire her again to go undercover as a secretary in efforts to gather connecting evidence. But she is also set up by the NIA to be a sacrificial lamb if things didn't pan out.

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