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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marrying the Mafia

Marrying the Mafia 1/ 가문의 영광/ Gamunui Youngkwang ** (Korean)
movie + II + III + IV
Kim Jeong-eun as Jang, Jin-kyeong
Jung Joon-ho as Park, Dae-seo
Thus far, as I can tell there are 4 movies by this same title, but the content doesn't involve the same characters...unless the gang names and bosses are the same from 2 to 4.. not sure. The first one was amusing though. fav scene(s) the start, waking up baffled, and the end, the explanation of how they got there.

Educated Guy and the only daughter of a mafia boss wake up in their underwear in the same bed. The guy is then pressured by the girl's brothers to 'do the right thing' even though a doctor's note is hot in hand.

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