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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Angel of Death Comes With Purple High Heels

The Angel of Death Comes With Purple High Heels ** (Korean)
1 episode.

Jung Sung Hwa as Kim Young Woong
A slightly humorous short, in a 'grim' sort of way. fav scene(s): The reaper, on the roof, with a firm hold of a rope, tied to a shaky sign, over the two lovers, wonders how long they were going to stand there.

A struggling graphic artist with an infirm mother, meets a young woman wearing an oddly mismatched outfit and purple heels, who claims to be there to assist him get back into drawing. It's soon found that she has a website up to help people have wishes fulfilled before they die. When the artist registers his mother's wish one evening, that she wants a grandson, she is found passed away that next morning and the girl was gone. His girlfriend, who was to marry another guy, discovers that she is pregnant and fearful that 2 should become 1, the artist runs out to find her.

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Sorry I couldn't add your link to this post as the spam filter likes to eat them. Nice place though.

To answer your question, This blog is based on a blogger template (They have quite a few nice ones) with additional coding work added in one by one. Not particularly hard, just a little time consuming. Still, it's a labor of love for me and will improve yet more as it's being worked on. Glad you like it!