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Friday, March 9, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor

Vampire Prosecutor (Korean)
12 episodes

Vampire Prosecutor 2 (Korean)
11 episodes
Park Jae Hoon as Ra Jae Wook Lee Kyeong-Yeong as Jo Jung-Hyun

Not really a romance (although there is tenderness and compassion involved), not really a comedy (even though there were several funny scenes and a disarmingly funny character or two).. but if I could rate it, it'd make an easy 3-star well on its way to 4 for action/suspense/thriller. Wonderfully in-depth characters, great acting, and a smashingly satisfying storyline. Fav scene, Prosecutor Min is standing watching the daytime crowd drift by, and the bartender with his slight smile, passes by. Yes, there are tragic death scenes aplenty, (it is, if nothing else, a police detective show) added to the copious amounts of fake 'blood', vampire teeth, and blue contacts. 2 continues where 1 left off and I plan to be a ready witness to watch 3 when it arrives.

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon, known to be a vampire by only a select few, is in dogged search for a serial killer responsible for the death of his 'younger sister', called "bad blood".

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