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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daring Women

Daring Women ** (Korean)
105 episodes x.x; !!!
Lee Chang Hoon as Han Kyu Jin
Lee Yoo Ri as Ji Soon Young
A soapy romance with a little bit of comedy tossed in once in awhile to keep some kind of levity. Some bits didn't seem quite connected really. Like, why was there a claim of trying for a baby in the nights but in the day it was a complete seething hate on the faces and demeanor of the involved parties? It's not so easy, in my mind, to hate/be hurt by someone to such a horrific degree without it effecting the nighttime bunny hop. And the girl went on something of a magical quick-change from struggling repressed single Cinderella living on a shoestring, to a high-class benevolent mamma in the span of a night of moving in. Also.. what solid claim did the in-laws have on the child.. enough to give them ability to take her away from the mother who legally adopted her? Where's a restraining order when you need one? One nasty accidental death scene (With very nearly a second one later on with the little girl) with a floating/flying victim in slo-mo.. and one really sad death, and very nearly two) followed by an amazing amount of tears, accusations, and grief. I do rather wish the in-laws father thought to leave his wife earlier, and pulled it off. Certainly he deserved better for himself and his children then the horrid unforgiving biddy he was with.
Fav scene(s): After a second night of drinking, Hwang Mo Ran wakes up in her bedroom with the hunky male hair stylist her mother hired.

A girl's chemist hubby dies in an accident just after they legally adopted a 'related' infant. After several years of playing the slave game for her in-laws, she is asked to move out.. with no resources for survival. She then gets a job at the very company that was involved in the accident on her husband, unknown by all but the son of the company president and the motorcycle dude who hit the husband. Her sis-in-law, ever the advantage-taker, steals the 'son' by taking credit for a life-save she wasn't there for. Eventually, the company boss and the girl fall in love, and against the mighty waves of anger and vengeance they marry, making her the mother-in-law of her old sister-in-law. But lies have a tendency of growing ans over time, they are bound to reveal themselves for what they are, instantly tearing down whatever may have since been built upon them....even family.

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