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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Art of Fighting

Ssaum-ui gisul/ 싸움의 기술/ Art of Fighting (Korean)
movie 100mins

Yun-shik Baek as Oh Man-su
The only 'funny' in this film, was lost in irony.. and the only way one might consider this a 'romance' was in the most distantly subjective of terms. Naturally, that is exactly what genres I found it listed under. Other then that, It wasn't a bad tale really.

A school kid, with a policeman father, is, unfortunately, the beaten outsider of the school he's transferred into. Desperately, he tries to find someone willing to teach him how to fight.. a way of defending himself. The one person who seems to know, doesn't really care to teach him. Eventually though, Pan-Soo does agree to give him a few pointers. After watching his friend get beat into a hospital stay, Byung Tae goes after the bullies... even while Pan-Soo is headed for the train out.

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