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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Country Princess

Country Princess/ Courageous Girl/ Miss Majesty/ Funny Wild Girl/ 위풍당당 그녀/ Wi-pung-dang-dang Keu-nyeo **\ (Korean)
17 episodes

Kang Dong Won as Min Ji Hoon
Good tale, even if there was 2 tragic deaths involved. A bit of a comedy, made me feel a bit for the poor Kang pres... a bit. A rather mild romance. lol! Fav char(s): the twin boys, and the twin best "somewhat ditzy" friends. Fav scene(s): Stuck in a midnight snowstorm and "Convince the boss" with hand-sign cues to the help.

An out-of-place woman, near dead in a snowstorm on christmas, is taken in by a local farmer, to give birth with his wife. resulting in 2 girl's and a passed-on mother. Reluctantly the farmers take to the task of raising both girls as their own.
Farmer's daughter and mother are jealous of the 'sister' though, and create problems throughout her life. When she would find her first love, she was unknowingly separated by her sister, when he would have passed along a parting gift of a pager and card to her, her sister attempted to burn it, and instead, burned down the greenhouse. This resulted in the death of their father. Then came the grandfather, but in greed, the mother sent her own daughter with him, instead of the granddaughter he was actually looking for. In that same greed, the daughter had aspirations of gaining the grandfather's willed company and willing to do just about anything to gain it, including once more attempting to take whatever her poor sister had gained in their time apart.... even while mom had gotten ill and debt had become overwhelming for the family she had left.

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